Because every single one of my creations is unique, I work hand in hand with bespoke talents and experts to create a teamwork of excellence, quality, creativity and innovation.

# Lightning up the space

Electric engineering is the key feature to a proper buiding functionning. L’Atelier Gildas Geffroy designs, calculates, plans and maximizes your electrical world, whatever your needs be. Lighting has the power to sculpt things up. One aspect of my mission is to tame the light to make it sculpt your project, so it can reveal its soul.

# Your senses will be aroused by the thermal confort

My goal is to create mesmerizing atmospheres, where your senses are treated with warmth and inspiration: that’s where wellness is truly the heart of the experience.

# When spaces are universes, and projects are experiences

Technology has to be confidential. The goal is to use architecture elements to stealthy integrate new technologies for your bespoke and unique atmosphere.

Il me semble que l’on dépend des lieux pour l’esprit, l’humeur, la passion, le goût et les sentiments.

Jean de La Bruyère